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 The Vogue Challenge- Tic Tok Challange

vogue challange on tic tok

The Vogue challenge began in 2021 during the covid virus. People around the world decided to re-creating Vogue covers to promote diversity in fashion with their own personal photographs.
Posted under the hashtag #VogueChallenge, the mock-ups aren’t just the latest social media fad — portray themselves as then a more representative fashion industry could look like.

As a business, you can use the Vogue challenge to:
Make a statement about your values and beliefs as a brand
Showcase your products. According to our 2022 brand marketing report on TikTok, more than 90% of the most successful brands used TikTok to showcase one or more of their products. Make it more interesting by engaging influencers to do the Vogue challenge using your products.
If your business has a mascot, make them the face of the challenge
In the next section, we’ll tell you everything you need to learn how to do the Vogue cover challenge on TikTok!

How do you do the Vogue challenge on TikTok? (in less than 10 mins!)
To make this super easy for you we’ve created a ready-to-use Vogue challenge template – all you have to do is add your own images to share your version.

Here’s how to do the Vogue cover challenge on TikTok.

The Vogue Challenge – How it works

Before you begin:
Make sure you have taken 3-4 images and a 7-8 seconds long video on your phone. You can also use stock footage if you like, but we recommend taking your own.

A. Step 1: Sign up or log in to In Video.

B. Step 2: Click here to open the template

C. Step 3: The template will now open up on the InVideo editor with the exact music track for the trend already built in. You will notice 4 separate scenes on the bottom panel. These will need to be replaced by the 7-second video and 3 photos you’ve created.

Begin by uploading all your media files. Drag and drop the files int

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